How Can You Get Your Music into the New Song Library?

How Can You Get Your Music into the New Song Library?

1. Send NSL your CDs. Be sure to put NSL on your list of people to receive a promo copy of your new releases.

2. Include info on how to order your CD, so NSL users (including the NSL radio audience) can order your music.

3. Send the lyric sheets to NSL if lyrics aren’t included in your album. Having the lyrics to refer to when working on a research request or a radio show makes it a lot more likely we can use your songs.

4. Send recordingsĀ of your performances for the historical archives and possible radio airplay. Your written permission is needed before they can be aired or anyone can copy any part of a performance recording.

5. Tell us if you want a different policy for the use of your work. Check our user policy. Some performers need the exposure more than they need the money from an album. Some have written songs for a particular cause and want the songs used as widely as possible. Some may want their music in the archive but not to be copied in any way for NSL users. You can indicate your specific preferences when you put your music in the library