Information for Singers and Songwriters

Information for Singers and Songwriters

NSL is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization collecting music for educational use and historical archiving .

NSL’s main purpose is to get your songs out to people who can use your music in their work and to do this in ways that support you as an artist. We depend on you as a songwriter and performer for this music, so our policies are designed to support you and your music as well as to serve the people who come to NSL for music.

NSL is an archive of songs about people’s lives and struggles. Your CD, mp3 or songbook will become a part of the documentation of our music history. NSL users who come to the library will be able to listen to your recordings. People who use NSL by email or post mail ask the NSL staff to introduce them to songs on particular topics. NSL staff will make a list of songs for the user on a requested topic and may send songs electronically. The user reads the NSL User Policy and completes and signs the NSL User Agreement agreeing to use the songs only for the educational use stated.

NSL music is played regularly on the radio. Johanna Halbeisen hosts topical folk music shows on Valley Free Radio, WXOJ-LP, 103.3 FM in Northampton.

NSL is consulted by songbook producers to select songs to include and to contact songwriters. The list of songbooks NSL has assisted include Winds of the People, We Raise Our Song Again, Rise Up Singing, Here’s To the Women, Songs of the Spirit and Rise Again.