NSL Policy

NSL User Policy

NSL user policy is designed to protect and support the songwriter and recording artists’ interests, since without these songwriters and artists, we wouldn’t have songs for our work.

NSL limits legal copying of recorded material for the purpose of promoting an artist’s work. An NSL user may copy one song per album and no more than four songs per artist. The limit for out-of- print recordings is three songs per album. Live concert tapes may be copied only with written permission of the artist. Any copying of NSL music is for educational use only or with written permission of the artist.

If you need more songs from an artist than the NSL user policy allows, NSL will give you information for ordering albums. Many of the artists in NSL produce and distribute their own albums and tapes or are on small labels with limited distribution.
When you take this music into your work, it is very important to tell your audiences who wrote and recorded the music. You give credit where it is due and you acquaint your audience with important song writers.

NSL User Agreement

In taking copies of recorded material from New Song Library, I agree to the following terms:

  • This recording will not be copied.
  • This recording will only be used for the following educational purpose:
  • If performing or teaching any of these songs, I will give credit to the authors.
  • If playing this recording for a class or other audience, I will make available a list of the song titles, performers and songwriters, and the recordings they come from.